All oil paint

Historically inspired

During this residency of three months I plan to work on several series with different themes. 
Every time returning to Berlin (and I have been coming here for 20 years), but especially working here, the painful history is so extremely visible and feelable, that I just need to paint it.

This series tells about history and contemporary times, inspired by historical photos, but also of my memory and experience visiting those places.

A selection of this series will be on view during the exhibition "Berlin Lockdown", Past - Present - Future" at Livingstone Gallery The Hague ( 09.08.2020 - 29.08.2020) with Jolanda Meulendijks en Harry Markusse with a meet & greet on Sunday 9th of August.

Even an artist sometimes needs a break from the studio to get some new inspiration.
Every once in a while me and my car take a short roadtrip "aufs Land".
This a short image report of a great inspirational Sunday at Schwielowsee,
about 40 minutes outside of Berlin.

This is Einsteins'view!
Yes, really!

I visited Einsteins Sommerhaus.
The table here underneath was the place where he sat, thinking and writing, with this view,
every year from April through November, if I remeber correctly.

I followed the road around the lake, to visit this castle and small museum,
with great Dutch Masters in there collection.

an a beautiful ceramic tiled room

Then the trip went to the Museum Havellaendischen Malerkolonie,
small but inspirational.
With a lot of inspiring qoutes of painters visiting or moving to these beautiful,
natural surroundings, with whom i can relate:


Some details of my fresh paintings


Liebermann's Villa in Wannsee,  one of my all time favorite inspirational places in the surrounding areas of Berlin.  After the war his villa and gardens were re-build after the orginal plans.
It reminds of the gardens of Monet.

Always a perfect place to reconnect and regain energy after some intense painting sessions
in the studio last week.
As I am here three months, I want to visit these gardens every month to see the change
and progress in these gardens, now that I have the chance .

The work in the studio is going well.
Already the concept of two thematic series have arisen and I have started painting them.

(P.s. this first series on small scale, a "historic" series, will be (partly) on show during the exhibition "Lockdown Berlin, Past, Present, Future"
at Livingstone Gallery, The Hague. 
I will return from Berlin shortly to elaberate about these new serie on show
(freshly painted) during the meet & greet on
Sunday the 9th of August.
Please contact the gallery to make …
This is a photo of the first week of the residency.
I always have to get acquianted with the studio, the noises, the light.
And also clear my mind, get new impressions and connect with the place and location
I will be working in.
The city of Berlin I have already known a long time (about 20 years I have been coming and going), but then espcially the neighbourhood of Kreuzberg, around Gorli.

With this residency it was relatively easy, because I have worked here before when Livingstone Projects Berlin invited me for the first time in 2018.

I started with writing down thoughts, walking around the neighbourhood,
making plans, settling in the studio and investigating through internet.

During this residency I will paint a new collection for the solo exhibition at Livingstone Gallery, The Hague, that will open in November.
During a residency it is so good to fully concentrate and emerge myself fully into my work and research.
And there is room for experiment as well.
Besides painting my all sizes canvass…